Israeli medical team making a difference in Equatorial Guinea explosion crisis

On March 7, Equatorial Guinea was hit by a series of deadly explosions at the armoury of the Nkuantoma Gendarmerie and military barracks in Bata (the economic capital of Equatorial Guinea).

So far, the death toll is estimated to be around 105 whereas those injured are about 700.

At the request of the National Security Council of the State of Israel, about 60 humanitarian aid delegation was sent to Equatorial Guinea to support the victims of the explosion.

These humanitarian aid was made up of a joint team from Israel’s Ministry of Health and the Israel Defense Force.

They include intensive care physicians, pediatricians and other specialists.

This operation was facilitated by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the Embassy of the State of Israel in Cameroun. 

So far, the Israeli delegation has been able to treat more than 100 people and performed 11 surgeries.

On Tuesday, Ambassador Ofra Farhi from the Embassy of Israel in Accra visited the Equatorial Guinea Embassy and signed the book of condolence opened for the victims of the blast.

On her part, H. E. Jesus Mba Bela Abaha, the Equatorial Guinea Ambassador to Ghana, expressed gratitude to the government of Israel for their humanitarian support.

The State of Israel continues to strengthen its relations in Africa as it shares its knowledge and technological expertise.

In February 2021, Equatorial Guinea announced its intention of moving its embassy to Jerusalem.

President Teodoro Mbasogo spoke by phone with President Benjamin Netanyahu to inform him of the move.

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President Netanyahu stressed Israel’s deepening cooperation with Africa and emphasized that Israel is returning to Africa and Africa is returning to Israel in a big way.




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