Israeli embassy promotes green innovation with competition


The Embassy of in collaboration with the Garden and Flower Movement (GGFM) has introduced the Green Innovation (GIC) as part of activities to mark this year's Ghana Garden and Flower Show (GGFS). The GGFM is an initiative that seeks to promote Ghana's floriculture and horticulture industry for a greener, cleaner, healthier, wealthier and more beautiful Ghana. The theme for the 2019 GGFS is ‘Be the Change'. The Israeli Green Innovation Competition is a new award scheme to honour individuals that come up with innovative ideas related to the growth of the floriculture industry in Ghana. As the state of Israel prides itself as a nation of innovation and helps to stimulate innovation wherever it finds itself, the embassy is excited to introduce the Green Innovation Competition to help stimulate Ghana's floriculture industry particularly among the . This award scheme therefore encourages the youth to come up with innovations that contribute to the growth of the industry. The competition is opened to the general public especially all young and enthusiastic Ghanaians who operate in green innovation. Interested applicants should not be above age 40. The ultimate winner will receive an opportunity to visit Israel and go through a training to support his or her capacity. The competition is opened from 24 June to August 6 2019. will be presented on Tuesday, September 3. Source:|Ghana

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