Islamic Cleric commends Alhaji Farouk Hamza of Hajj Board for successfully airlifting 1,685 pilgrims at Tamale

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An Islamic Cleric, Imam Abass Abdul-Karim has commended Alhaji Farouk Hamza, the Vice Chairman, Director of Finance Ghana Hajj Board for the instrumental role that Farouk played airlifting Hajj pilgrims for this year’s event.

.In a Facebook post, the Islamic Cleric said “Congratulations for successful Tamale operations. I wish you another successful operations in Accra. So far so good. Pilgrims Affairs Office of Ghana.”

He added “to keep Accra busy for 3 days after successful 4 days operations in Tamale last week. I wish the entire Hajj management members and agents association another successful operations in Accra. So far so good.”

His commendation come after the successful airlifting of the 1685 pilgrims at Tamale Airport despite the initial challenges raised by some of the pilgrims and also how he managed to deal with the issues that charaterised the exercise.

Prior the exercise some prospective pilgrims explained that in the 2020 when the Hajj was suspended following the outbreak of the coronavirus, they were assured that they would not pay any fee again when the Hajj resumes in the future.

For instance, Issah Ali, a Social Worker said “We have a Muslim Vice President who I expected that as this thing came up he will at least come out and say something, because this is too bad.

“I think Hajj Board, they didn’t do well, there was a breach of contract because I paid in 2020 ¢19,500, equivalent to 3500 dollars, we signed that they were not going to refund the moneys again due to Covid. They told us that even if the dollar rises we were not going to pay anything again. We accepted it and gave money to them. When the time came for us to go to the Hajj this year they just called us and told us to pay 7000 in addition to the already paid fees. This is not fair, we feel they lied to us.”

Another also said “I paid for my mother in 2020 but we were promised that we won’t pay anything this year should the Hajj resume. Now they are asking us to pay ¢7000 . we cant accept this. If they can’t send my mother to Mecca they should refund my money.”

But Farouk helped in resolving all these issues.

Muslim Group Ghana, organizers of Ghana Muslim Excellence Awards earlier awarded Alhaji Farouk Hamza, the Vice Chairman, Director of Finance Ghana Hajj Board as the Best Hajj Member of the year 2019/2020 for his contributions and efforts towards the success of Hajj Operation over the years.

At a colorful and well-organized event, Alhaji Farouk Hamza was commended for his contributions to the success of the Hajj Board in Ghana.

Alhaji Hamza also received the Muslim Heros award for his generosity to the needed people in the Muslim communities, Northern, Savannah, and Upper East Regions.

The Coordinator of the event, Alhaji Halidu Abubakar Galaxy said Alhaji Hamza has been at the forefront in ensuring proper administrative structure and decency of Hajj Operation today.

He added that the award is not only to recognize or acknowledge his efforts as a member of the Hajj Board but as part of his efforts to empower youth and aged people within Muslim Communities.

The Ghana Muslim Excellence Awards was to honor and acknowledge hardworking Muslim Chiefs, philanthropists, journalists, and politicians for their contributions towards the development of the Zangos.

The award ceremony which was held on Saturday 28 November 2020 at the Cantonment Police Mosque in Accra was well-attended and brought together Muslims personalities including politicians, businessmen, entrepreneurs, chiefs, and Imams.

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