Is transgender equal to homosexuality? – Ghanaian trans-woman speaks

Is transgender equal to homosexuality? - Ghanaian trans-woman speaks
Trans community

LGBTQ community has been touted as a group celebrating pride, diversity, individuality, and sexuality. In our Ghanaian society, transgenders are categorized or paired up as homosexuals. Conferring on Ohematin (a Ghanaian transgender woman), this assumption is flawed.

Addressing transgender as a sub-topic under the LGBTQ, this group of people have gender expressions that differ from the sex that they were assigned at birth. Some transgender people desire medical assistance to transition from one sex to another, also identified as transsexual.

Transgender women may have breast development, but often underdeveloped and feminine fat redistribution. They also spot reduced muscle mass, thinned or absent body hair and facial hair, softened, thinner skin. Testicles may decrease in size or completely retract, especially with hormonal drugs.

“I have feminine traits. I have always had a big ass. I have a natural breast, no pills. It’s not so big, so I wear a B cup bra,” Ohemartin (trans-woman) revealed.

Ghana’s parliament is considering a bill that will criminalize homosexuality and make advocating for LGBTQ a crime. Although human rights activists have sworn to protect the LGBTQ community in Ghana, the country is already experiencing a wave of homophobia threatening the trans community.

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Discussing the topic of transgender on Delay show, Ohemartin, who lives as a transgender woman, disclosed that she is not gay nor lesbian. She said she is a virgin and not willing to settle with any man or woman. But she hopes to have a child through surrogacy. Surrogacy is an arrangement where a woman agrees to carry another’s fertilized eggs and nurture until birth.

Ohemartin said, “I am not attracted to anybody. I don’t really get sexual thoughts. I am a virgin. I haven’t slept with anyone before. I’m being 100 per cent serious. Yeah, I want to have kids, but I’m not planning on having a partner. There are so many ways of having kids like surrogacy.”

Although the community is diverse in political affiliation, not all lesbians, gay, bisexual or transgender, consider themselves part of the LGBTQ community.

By Lordina Nayeram Bessie||Ghana


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