Is there unity of purpose among the citizens of Ghana?

Author of the article, Kwame Tutu

They say power emanates from the people, the citizens of a democratic dispensation as our beloved country Ghana. Thus the choice to elect a leader of the country, either good or bad, resides in the bosom of the people but it is obvious that the choice of electing the leadership of our beloved country resides in the thumbs and stomachs of the masses of our country.

We all know how weak families that cannot make progress become and how disoriented organizations that are not able to make progress become in society.

I have observed with great pain and discomfort that Ghanaians are so divided on every front, fight against the good things for ourselves and readily fight for or accept the very things that can destroy us easily.

To buttress my point, do you remember what happens when any government tries to ‘eject’ street hawkers, especially those who sell on the shoulders of the road ?

You remember the controversial okada debate from the general election of 2020 right?

We all can remember how there were and still are people who supported the activities of galamsey with or without the knowledge of its deplorable effect on the environment.

It is apparent that it is only in Ghana that some citizens advocate for wrong things they know would destroy us and even worse for posterity.

Ghanaians are seriously divided on every issue, there’s no single thing all Ghanaians rally support behind it in the country.

The lack of unity of purpose is the reason this nation is not making any progress. Anyone would be deceiving him/herself if they think Ghana is making any progress.

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Haven’t we noticed what is happening to ‘almighty’ America? It is because they are not united as before, their divisions are ever widening into a chasm.

Look at Germany, Russia, China and others that have common goals driven by strong leadership, they are moving and developing every aspect of their lives, making life easier and comfortable for their citizens.

Yes, I know people will come saying there are problems everywhere and that there is no human institution with a paragon of perfection. So I agree.

However, one could compare and contrast and see if they haven’t solved a chunk of what we haven’t even thought of.

We cannot deal with the filth our citizens make, our environment is so dirty and putrid, it seems we don’t see anything wrong with that. In other nations filth is big business for the state and the private sector, creating employment for many including immigrants.

What one problem has this Nation been able to solve proactively? The problem is both the citizens and the leadership. In that, it is the citizens of a country that decides who should lead them, be it good or bad.

There are too many wicked and unpatriotic citizens in Ghana, people whose activities they know so well that it destroys the nation, yet they don’t care, it’s all about making money. There’s availability of susceptible citizens who will lay their lives down to support everything, whether they understand it or not, as far as some bread is involved.

Unfortunately, we seem to lack, or should I say we lack far seeing leadership. Leadership that understands how society changes and performs, to fashion programs to reset the psyche of the nation. 

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How come a nation of an estimated 31.8 million people, according to the recent Population and Housing Census (PHC) each one seems to be heading in a different direction?

That is because there’s no unity of purpose in Ghana. It is the reason we cannot solve any of the myriad problems (they say we call it challenges) confronting us as a nation without a head-on consensus to combating them.

The effect of the lack of unity of purpose in Ghana is that it puts a lot of burden on the citizens, breaks them and renders them useless, as it would externalize their problem-solving mindset.

I hope you know at least one unemployed person in your family or neighbourhood? Each Ghanaian, I can state, knows an unemployed person or two in his or her family or neighbourhood.

Can you count the people the system is destroying? Some people have been unemployed for five years. Can you calculate the energy and ingenuity that has gone to waste and the frustrations, the pain and embarrassment?

The Ghanaian system creates unemployment while all other systems create or try to create employment.

Ghana’s laws, institutions, policies and programs are built to create unemployment and many other problems. As was wont during the colonial era.

I believe you don’t require me to explain the above assertion because I believe you know how dysfunctional this system is.

Leadership I believe is aware, it is only taking advantage to stay safe and enjoy itself.

Until Ghanaians put the political, religious, tribal, and many other interests away and come together with a common aim of a national interest, we may soon sink into an economic abyss.

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The impact of the many years of lack of unity of purpose in our political architecture that rules the country Ghana is the ripple of the suffering the youth are facing today when it comes to creating avenues for them to explore and exploit their skills and magnanimity.

By Kwame Tutu|Host of 100 Degrees on Onua TV|Ghana