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Investigation into policeman allegedly caught having sex with wife of NPP man begins

The Sawla District Police Command has commenced investigations into the alleged sexual misconduct of a policeman, which triggered attack on him and other officers at Sawla Wednesday.

The policeman, who was allegedly caught having sex with a community police person who is also the wife of an NPP organiser in the area, Adamu Sakara, was beaten to the pulp by some angry youth following the arrest of Sakara.

District Police Commander DSP Ofori K. Boateng who confirmed the incident told TV3 investigations into the case has started but declined to give further details.

Communications officer of the Sawla Tuna Kalba constituency, Emmanuel Wellah, told TV3 the policeman over the years has been having a secret sexual affair with the wife of Sakara until luck eluded him.

According to the constituency executive, the officer was caught red handed by the husband at about 3:45pm Wednesday in the policeman’s room having sexual intercourse his (Sakara’s) wife.

“Mr. Sakara has been monitoring the police officer and caught him yesterday in his room having sexual intercourse with his wife,” he told TV3

Accordingly, he said Sakara raised an alarm and the police officer and his colleague officers who rushed to the room pounced on Sakara and “beat him up, handcuffed and sent him to the police station and kept him behind cells”.

He explained the youth of Sawla on hearing the news mobilized themselves to the police station where they beat up the policeman and other officers, causing the police to fire warning shots.

“We went to the DCE and reported the case and when went to the police station to report, the police started firing warning shots” he added.

The youth gave the officer involved two days to leave the town or face their wrath.


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