Interior Ministry to collapse political ‘security’ groups

The Interior Ministry is to disband all illegal political groups claiming to provide security for political parties and their activities.

The ministry says a taskforce would soon be formed to identify and arrest leaders of such groups, and the political parties behind them. The formation of the pseudo-security groups during electioneering is a great concern to political watchers.

These groups whose role is to protect party functionaries and safeguard their political fortunes appear to be competing with the police over maintenance of law and order.

Deputy Interior Minister, James Agalga, in an interview with TV3 News described the developments as “unacceptable. You can imagine if all the political parties were to set up such groups at the various polling stations… there would be clashes and you’d have chaotic scenes that nobody would be able to control.”

Just recently, a group calling itself Invisible Forces, threatened to fight the police for the control of the NPP national headquarters.

The recent violence during the Talensi bye-election was purportedly caused by Bolga Bulldogs affiliated to the NPP and the Azorka boys of the NDC.

The development might have prompted the progressive people’s party to announce plans to recruit its own security force called Sea Lions.

He insisted formation of such groups was illegal and charged political parties to abide by the country’s constitution adding that “they may be stepping out of bounds and may be attempting to usurp the role of the EC and the Ghana Police Service. Anybody found culpable would be dealt with in accordance with the law.”

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Mr. Agalga insisted there are enough state security agencies which can adequately manage electoral challenges. “In every election the Electoral Commission has collaborated with the Ghana Police Service to preserve and to protect ballot boxes and the entire process across the length and breathe of the country. So it is not the function of any political party to provide security at the various polling stations” he added.