Inculcate safety and security education into school curriculum – Expert

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A Security Risk and Change Management Consultant has called on stakeholders in the educational sector to inculcate safety and security training into the educational curriculum.

According to Dr. Victor Abbey, inherent in every current risk is a personal awareness and without that awareness, one cannot do anything to save himself or herself.

In an interview with Alfred Ocansey on 3FM ‘s Sunrise morning show, the security expert admonished that in the face of growing rate of crime, conflicts and terrorism in the world, it is necessary to intensify public education on personal safety and security.

He, therefore, called on Ghana’s Diplomatic Missions to offer orientation to fresh arrivals to let them know the security situation as well as appreciate the cultural principles of that country.

“If you are approaching what looks like a checkpoint, obviously you need to take your time and be observant. You must be aware of your environment. When driving, you have to be conscious of three cars ahead of you and the three cars behind you. Instead of fidgeting with your phone, you should rather observe what is going on at the checkpoint in order not to be trapped by armed robbers.”

Dr. Abbey also admonishes drivers to avoid a ‘bumper to bumper’ situation and leave a maneuvering space when in traffic for any unexpected eventualities.

“We have to think outside the box as a country to make it difficult for thieves to steal street bulbs and also adhere to a regular maintenance culture to ensure our streets are not dark for criminals to operate,” he added.

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 By Samuel Afriyie Owusu||Ghana