‘Incompetent Mahama administration’: Fmr Prez confesses how frustrated he became


Former President has confessed how difficult it was for him when his opponents described him as ‘incompetent' during his .

He said the frustration forced him to give a reply, stating at the International Trade Fair Centre then that no one having never been president can describe him as such.

“Do you remember ‘Incompetent Mahama administration'?” he quizzed delegates of the (NDC) in the midweek.

“They kept saying this for long to the extent that one time because it was frustrating me, I replied them.

“Normally, I don't reply such things but you remember Trade Fair, I told them you have not been president before. Even the Presidency's wind has not blown around you, so you don't have experience. The role is not that easy, it is quite a task. So, one does it and hands over to another to continue,” he said in Twi.

“But they said I should shut up, I know nothing –  Incompetent Mahama, incompetent Mahama and they spoke the Queen's English too,” he revealed while addressing the NDC delegates in Suhum.

He said all these have proven futile for the users as evidenced by the management of the economy now.

In the run-up to the 2016 elections, Presidential Candidate Nana Addo Dankwa and Vice Presidential Candidate Dr Mahamudu missed no opportunity to describe the then sitting President as such.

At one of the rallies, wife of , Samira, who mounted a platform in the Northern Region, said all billboards of Mr Mahama was evidence of “incompetence” of his government.

Mr Mahama said everything has proven that the Akufo-Addo government was throwing dust in the eyes of the electorates.

He insisted that the NDC is the only party that can deliver on any promise of development to the people of Ghana.

The former President, who is on a nationwide tour to canvass for votes to be reelected flagbearer of the NDC, insisted that he has the experience, knowledge and hard work not only to lead the NDC again but also to lead the country.

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