In a relationship, you cannot change a man – Uncle Ebo Whyte advises women

In a relationship, you cannot change a man – Uncle Ebo Whyte advises women
Uncle Ebo Whyte

Uncle Ebo Whyte has dropped another epiphany about courtship and marriage. He revealed that no woman can change a man they are in a relationship with. A man changes when he is ready to depart from his old ways.

Uncle Ebo Whyte shares this insight on TV3 NewDay during a discussion on Why People Choose to Stay in Abusive Relationships. He revealed that although it is admirable for a woman to try and influencers of change, the decision to act on it solely rests with a man.

“Let’s get a few fundamentals right. The only person you can change is yourself. You can’t change anybody else. No! Once we get into a love relationship, you can’t change me. But I can decide to change for you.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte explained further by saying, “I will have to get to the point of knowing that you know what, I deserve better. I can do better. I can do better because I am a better person.”

He did acknowledge that how one is treated may influence their decision. But the only person who can conclusively act upon change is themselves.

“I admire the optimistic mindset of women when it comes to love. But a woman makes the home but not the man. Treating him doesn’t mean making him. So this whole crusade of women saying I will change him. No!

“The principle is that the only one you can change is yourself, but they can choose to change. People make their choices. So all of you who have this saviour mentality (I will save him and turn him), please retire.”

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By Grace Somuah-Annan||Ghana