I’m under spiritual attack – Bedridden Kumawood director

Movie director Frank Fiifi Gharbin has disclosed that he is under a perceived spiritual attack and so finding it difficult to walk.

A picture of the award-winning Kumawood director was recently sighted on social media, indicating he is seriously sick.

Many people presumed it was one of the PR gimmicks for a new movie.

However, speaking to Tony Best on Akoma FM‘s Saturday entertainment show Entertainment 360, ‘Director 1’, as he is affectionately called, confirmed that he has been taken ill for weeks now and that picture being circulated is not a movie scene but very true.

“I’m not an actor even though I’m in the industry. It’s really true that I’m sick. It’s almost three weeks since I took ill. I have conducted several tests but none of the tests is showing what is really wrong with me,” he sobbed.

“A colleague producer and director came to visit me and he told me, this is beyond physical. Initially, I wanted to decline his idea of seeing it as spiritual because I’m realistic. He convinced me and went to Atimatim Maase and upon consultation, the spiritualist told me I’m under spiritual attack.

“The picture circulating around was when I was being conveyed to a riverside for the consultation.”

By Anthony Owusu|Akoma FM|3news.com|Ghana

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