I’m still healing – Quamina MP makes major comeback with ‘Dada Ba’

I’m still healing – Quamina MP makes major comeback with ‘Dada Ba’
Quamina Mp

Moving on after losing a loved one is a gruelling journey. For Quamina Mp, who shared a close bond with his father, the effects can be devastating. But Quamina Mp is back with a new banger, ‘Dada Ba’, in his father’s memory and love for his work.

Quamina Mp has dropped his first work for the year, and it’s already making waves with reviews pouring. He shared his healing journey with Cookie Tee as they talked about the aftermath of losing his father.

“I still think about stuff. I still get dreams and all of that, but I feel like, yeah, Charley, whatever happened happened.”

Quanima Mp disclosed that visiting his father’s gravesite has been challenging. He described the situation as not having the courage to do so. “Okay, so I’m not gonna lie to you. I haven’t had that courage. That would be too much. I did like it once, but it’s not easy. I’m still healing,” Quanima Mp revealed.

Talking about his comeback, the prolific Ghanaian artiste disclosed that an appearance was necessary after months of silence.

“I feel like if my dad were still here, he would want me to be doing more. And the people who support me, like my fans, some of these people feel like after what happened, maybe it’s gonna break me down, and they were feeling bad. They were feeling like, why should this happen? We need our guy to be doing more.

“So, I also listen and I feel like, Charley, I should do this for the people. And then for my family and for my dad as well.
It hasn’t been like it used to. But these days I’ve been trying to double up. These days I’m doing more.”

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Before releasing the audio for ‘Dada Ba’, Quamina Mp joined Sarkodie on a classic jam, ‘Bordoss’. And now ‘Dada Ba’ is reigning the airwaves.

It just talks about being with a dada ba girl who gets everything and how I’m going to be able to deal with that. And me being a superstar with these other girls trying to get into your space,” Quamina Mp concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana