I’m ready to lead Ghana out of the ashes of financial crisis, mismanagement of the economy – Mahama

Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Dramani Mahama has noted that he is very prepared to take Ghana out of what he described as the mismanagement of the economy by the present Akufo-Addo administration.

During a presentation at an evening with young business leaders and entrepreneurs on Thursday November 5, Mr Mahama noted that the economy has been destroyed by the Akufo-Addo administration, a situation he said, demands him to take over as president of Ghana during the elections on December 7 to address quickly.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, in this very hall, tonight, we could have Ghana’s captains of industry and other successful innovators and entrepreneurs. And in this very hall and across our nation, there are several women and girls watching us who must be encouraged to take after the courage, industry and entrepreneurial spirit of our celebrated Madam Esther Afua Ocloo – of Nkulenu fame – who pioneered small loans to stimulate businesses.

“This is needed because I am speaking to you at a time when the indigenous financial sector of our country has been dealt a crushing blow by this administration. This has not only led to massive job losses and dwindling credit for startups and SMEs in general but has also placed many Ghanaian homes0 and businesses in a difficult situation.

“As a result, a hopeless and debt distressed situation has been occasioned within the business community because the economic outlook is dire. But there is hope. There is hope because Ghana has people such as you,” he said.

He added “I am ready, very ready to lead our nation out of the ashes of both the financial sector crisis and the general mismanagement of the economy. I believe Ghana will rise again!

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“That is the reason why I accepted immediately the invitation to meet you tonight to hear you speak your mind about the future of our nation. Indeed, your voice matters – everyone’s voice matters. In these last few years we have seen, more than any time in our recent history, that our country cannot move forward if we do not focus on inclusion. Listening to one another and providing opportunities for all; instead of giving room to exclusion and division.

“No country in the world has accomplished anything of worth with an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality. It is critical therefore that, as leaders, we recognise, welcome, respect and accept diverse constructive views from all our people, including young men and women, if we are to build an inclusive society for ourselves and generations to come. If we are to achieve true sustainable development. This is why I am particularly delighted about tonight’s engagement.

“Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I wish to congratulate all you young leaders, entrepreneurs and achievers. Your presence here tells a story, and that story is that you have rejected the notion, “life begins at forty” as the farce that it is.

“Sometimes I go on Social Media particularly, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, and I get thrilled reading and appreciating the depth of knowledge and the many incisive thoughts and ideas that are shared by young people on subjects spanning governance, science, technology, engineering, agriculture, entrepreneurship and many more. Some of you have proven that you more than deserve a seat at the decision-making table of national affairs. There are many brilliant stories of perseverance and effort, and yet there are many other stories of broken dreams and despair, because of the lack of opportunity to live those dreams and bring them to reality.

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“Many young people are looking for the slightest push in life: to start a business, expand your business, an employment opportunity and for some the opportunity to develop skills to meet the demands of the world of work.

“This is a reality we must confront and urgently if the Ghanaian youth will be able to eke a decent living to relieve parents from over dependence of their adult children on them. We will provide that needed push an NDC administration.

“With our Edwumapa jobs plan, tax cuts for jobs and skills development initiatives, we of the National Democratic Congress have taken a position that it is the responsibility of government to find sustainable jobs for our citizens, particularly the youth.”

By Laud Nartey|3news.com|Ghana