‘I’m mourning’ – Fameye, Wasa Nyankonton, grieves with Appiatse disaster victims

'I'm mourning' - Fameye, Wassa Nyankonton, grieves with Apiate disaster victims

Fameye, the Wassa Nyaonton of Bogoso, is deeply saddened by the disaster that struck its sister town. In a heartfelt conversation with the TV3 NewDay team, Fameye shared his concern and vision for his people and fans.

A whole mining community, Apiate, in the Western Region of Ghana was razed down when an accident involving a truck carrying explosives blew up.

Fameye shared, “I saw it last night… A whole community is down. And Appiatse is one area that I know. I have been there before. It is not in Bogoso, but it is just close to Bogoso. It’s more or less like Bogoso is the capital of all these towns. Recently I was crowned as the Nana Wassa Nyankonton. This happening there makes me feel like there is a huge responsibility on me. I am in mourning. This is too much. This hasn’t happened before. A whole community, everything is down.”

The celebrated rapper also shared his experiences in the township with mining logistics and protocol.

“Sometimes when you are going to Bogoso, you meet all these big trucks and sometimes you have to park for like 30mins for these trucks to pass before you move. Because they are way too big. So for that road, big trucks carrying timber, bauxite, dynamite happen most of the time. So this thing happening is actually going to tell us to find ways and means to solve this problem. Because it is something that is happening there already.

“Well, I have not seen that yet. The only thing I see is a Land Cruiser with red flags trying to signal you that there are big trucks on the way. So you have to take your time. Apart from that, you don’t see any other personnel,” he offered his observation concerning safety protocols practised whilst transporting high-risk materials.

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Fameye concluded with an emotional message for the bereaved, victims and townfolk marryed by the disaster.

“I send my condolences to everyone who has lost a relative or suffered from the explosion. God knows best, but we will also support with prayers. We will come to the town and offer whatever support we can. And have a sit down with the elders to put things in order.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana


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