I’m here for a lifetime – Abiana on practising tenacity to offset setbacks

I'm here for a lifetime - Abiana on practising tenacity to offset setbacks
Abiana Music

Ghanaian songstress Abiana believes perseverance and determination are crucial for a successful career, especially as a female in the game, during a discussion on 3FM Drive about why most female musicians do not reach the pinnacles of their careers.

Using herself as an example, Abiana spoke about her comeback from her social scandal where she was trolled continuously for seven days for rejecting a Mentor candidate.

“For me, it’s the tenacity to bounce back. So if I’m able to overcome trolls and I’m back again. And I’ve always said this; I’m here for a time. For me, I’m just trying to live my whole life with music. I don’t care what happens now, I will still find my stance and bounce back.”

Abian also addressed why women may tend to speak freely about injustices in the industry.

“Women feel more. Women are mothers. We are people who cannot stomach a lot of things and then put on a hardcover and show it out like that. Because we are so empathetic, things get to us easily.

“And then it depends on every individual. I don’t know how women do it, but I’ve seen women do it and prosper.”

Abiana Music revealed an incoming EP, which will be available on all streaming platforms.

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