“I’m getting closer to God” – MzVee reveals after battling depression

Afro pop-cum R&B musician MzVee, who battled depression for almost two years, says she is now drawing closer to God and her family than never before.

In an exclusive interview with Berla Mundi on TV3 New Day on Monday, the Natural Girl hitmaker revealed she occupied her entire life with music to a point where she forgot the most important things in her life.

“I was so away from most of the important things; it was just music, music…and I forgot who really mattered,” she stated in an interview that saw her opening up for the first time, on what caused her to abandon music for two years.

The 27-year-old explained that finding time for her family and even herself was a problem, something has now realised was as “big mistake” she made.

MzVee after the release of her third album, DaaVee, in 2017 went off the musical grid until September 2018 when she dropped a single, Bend Down, which featured Kuami Eugene.

Early last year, rumours surfaced on social media that the then Lynx Entertainment signee who was travelling around the world at the time, was pregnant. Others claim MzVee was has been away from music because she was having contractual issues with her record label.

Officials of Lynx denied those rumours, and explained MzVee was had suspended doing music for personal reasons, details of which were not given.

But in her first interview after the incident, MzVee revealed she was battling with depression, a condition she noted affected her music career for which reason she had to take a long break.

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“I was super, super, super, depressed…It affected my relationships with people at work. I really did pulled away….I basically coiled up in my shell and I was there for two years battling this,” she stated.

She said she never sought psychological help and that it took the prayers and support of musician Efya and her family to overcome the depression she suffered.

According to her, it was Efya who really understood her condition, saying “When we started talking, I realised oh, so it is just not me. She’s sort of been through a phase that people even don’t know about”.

Despite neglecting her family, the songstress said it was her family and a few close friends who showed up to pray and support her in overcoming the depression she suffered.

“…my mum will call me and she’s crying on the phone with me or she comes to see me and she’s crying with me just because I don’t know how to handle myself,” MzVee recounted.

She noted prayers played a key role in her recovery.

Asked by Berla whether she got close to God in those times, she responded in the affirmative saying, “I did. I’m sort of finding a balance now; I’m getting closer to God. I’m going to church more now and in a happy place”.

She added: “And in the time, I got closer to my family because I was estranged from my family”

When asked why she ‘abandoned’ her family she responded: “I don’t know… Work was part of it. I hardly saw family, I hardly hanged out with family and it took a toll on me”.

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By 3news.com|Ghana