I’m covid-19 negative – Dr Okoe Boye reveals

Deputy Health Minister Benard Okoe Boye has tested negative for the deadly novel coronavirus.

The medical practitioner-cum-politician who was rumoured to have contracted the virus from Health Minister Kwaku Agyeman-Manu revealed on TV3 New Day Wednesday that results of his covid-19 test came out negative on Tuesday.

Dr Okoe Boye recently ‘disappeared’ from the public sphere raising questions about his whereabouts with some people including security analyst Adam Bonaa, asking whether he was receiving covid-19 treatment.

Responding to it Wednesday, Dr Okoe Boye, said everyone at the Ministry was tested for the virus after Mr Agyeman-Manu was confirmed to have contracted the virus, which has infected more than 12,000 people in the country.

“I got tested; all of us got tested and yesterday [Tuesday] I was informed that my results came out negative,” he told Johnny Hughes on the newspaper segment of the morning magazine show.

The somewhat relieved MP for Ledzokuku Constituency said although contracting the virus is not a death warrant, he suggested it would not have been a good news if he had tested positive for the virus.

“If I had come out positive, forgive me, maybe I wouldn’t have been…not excited because the message must go strongly to the people that anybody can get the virus and what is even more important is that the virus can be defeated,” he stated.

He said though the virus has can be defeated, that should not be a justification for people to be reckless but be cautious.

Dr Oko Boye said some of his relatives wish he would suspend medical consultation at hospital facilities due to the outbreak of the virus in the country which continue to surge by the day.

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That, he said, was not an option for him because as a physician he is like a soldier who keep fighting till death.

“…some of my relatives wish I wouldn’t go near hospitals but when you opt to become a physician, you’re like a soldier who enlist in the army, you know that no matter your preparation, death or fatality can happen, and with that attitude, the way I react to disease if confirmed or suspected might be different from others,” he indicated.

By 3news.com|Ghana