I'll visit Chereponi for peace – Saboba chief assures Bawumia

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia (M) led a government delegation to Saboba[/caption] The Paramount Chief of Saboba, Binalibiemi John Mateer, has revealed there is an ongoing discussion for him to meet with the Regent of Chereponi, Jaminja Ndakar. A novelty that will be, the meeting will afford both traditional rulers the opportunity to brainstorm on possible measures to restore the once harmonious coexistence between the Anufors and Konkombas. “I am in talks with the District Chief Executives of both Saboba and Chereponi and my chiefs to see how I can meet with the Regent of Chereponi Jaminja Ndakar for us to discuss what is bothering us and identify how to end this conflict,” he said in vernacular. He again assured the delegation that the visit will not let him rescind his decision to meet with his colleague as many would assume that the visit will automatically restore peace. “I don’t think that discussion will be abandoned.” He made this revelation to a delegation made up of some ministers of state, security agencies, and heads of some public officers led by Vice President Dr Mahamadou Bawumia at the forecourt of his palace in Saboba on Monday, June 3. Again, Uchembubor Binalibeimi Mateer insisted his kinsmen are peace-loving people and they are ready to give peace the chance. “Konkombas are peace-loving people, we cherish peace and it is interesting to know that Konkombas and Chokosis have lived together for years. I speak with regret because as a human institution, we will have issues but they have to be resolved peacefully.” He admonished the youth of the area to give peace a chance. “I am calling on the youth to give peace a chance because we need peace to thrive.” He also used the opportunity to call for development. “Anytime we get to the peak of the raining season, we’re cut off, nobody can access the road to Yendi and other places.” He also called for the construction of a bridge on the major river that links Saboba and Togo. The delegation is in the district to add a voice to the call for ceasefire between the two feuding factions. An elated Vice President Dr Bawumia lauded the Chief for his “words of wisdom”, something that he revealed is evidence that the Konkombas are ready for peace. “If there’s going to be peace, it’s going to be peace between the two tribes and I am one of the happiest people to listen to Ubor as he spoke about peace and I can’t wait to be on the phone to report your assurances of peace to the President. “I also appreciate the effort by the Paramount Chief of Saboba to meet with the Regent of Chereponi for peace, that’s how it will work when the two people talk peace,” Dr Bawumia added. Dr Bawumia also encouraged the people of Saboba to focus on developmental issues including good road networks, quality healthcare, and education. “I am going to charge my colleagues here including the MP for us to work to solve these challenges.” The Minister for Interior Ambrose Dery assured the Binalibiemi of the commitment by government to work with the report submitted to the presidency from the mediation committee that was set up in January to investigate and make recommendations to ending the age-long conflict. “We are for peace, we are for both the Konkombas and Chokosi and we’re for security. It will interest you to know that the highly powered delegation made up of leadership of both tribes and the Defense Minister Dominic Nitiwul who have already visited the districts is one of the recommendation by the mediation committee.”

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