'I'll do whatever it takes for SC to reverse its decision' – Woyome vows

Mr Woyome says he will do whatever it takes to get the SC reverse its decision against him on the GHC51 million judgement debt
Mr Woyome says he will do whatever it takes to get the SC reverse its decision against him on the GHC51 million judgement debt
Embattled Ghanaian businessman, Alfred Agbesi Woyome has vowed to fight for the Supreme Court to reverse every decision against him regarding the controversial GHC51 million paid to him by the State.
“Whatever it will take for the Supreme Court to depart from this decision concerning me, it’s just the beginning,” he said at a news conference in Accra Friday to set the record straight on all the issues regarding the issue which has come to be known as Woyomegate.
He said his person and family have been affected by the case which has been lingering for the past five years, saying “my family and larger ones have suffered the names, the songs people , political parties  have done …and it is another election and people who want…are still singing on it”.
Mr Alfred Woyome was paid GHC51 million in judgement debt on his claims that he helped in sourcing funds for the construction of stadia for the CAN 2008 Nations Cup; a payment the Supreme Court has since June 4, 2013 ruled as unconstitutional on the basis that he had no binding contract with Ghana.
The court consequently ordered the State to retrieve the said amount but the businessman has since paid GHC 4million, which Mr Martin Amidu, a former Attorney General who secured the retrieval order, has since doubted.
The Supreme Court last week granted former Mr Amidu the green light to orally examine Mr Woyome in open court on the GHC51 million after the current AG discontinued a similar application that sought same relief.
But addressing journalists Friday, Mr Woyome said he will continue fighting with the last drop of  his blood because he believes the Supreme Court, which he accused of persecution, has erred in its decisions.
“…they have erred because they’ve been misled, and I will insist and press on it until justice is done, because this judgement will be used on anybody because it is a precedent and it must not happen,” he said, and added “I have issues with those judgements”.
Despite what he said is his persecution by the Supreme Court and some Ghanaians, he said he has still not, and will not lose faith in Ghana, stating he is a law abiding citizen and will at all times adhere to the tenets of the constitution.
“I have not lost faith in my country, I will never lose faith in my country. I have made sure that I’m a law abiding citizen. I have never accused the judiciary but when I feel that I’m being persecuted; now I’m very convinced about that , I will mention it,” he said.
Personal attacks
Meanwhile, he has told the conference despite the personal attacks against him on social media and mainstream media, he will not descend low by launching similar attacks on such people indicating “I’m above that”.
“Those people who are going personal on Facebook, their time shall come. This one we will deal with it right now is an issue concerning and touching on the Supreme Court and its decision, how it’s been misled”.
Payment of GHC4 million
Mr Woyome said challenged Mr Amidu’s claim that the payment of the GHC4 million is a cooked up move, noting that the persons saying that the means to verify whether he indeed made such payment or not.
“I wrote it [cheque] and the cheque has been paid. And that cheque has cleared. Anybody who wants to know have means to know whether the cheque has been cleared. It is not faked!,” he stated
He said “The number of people who are ready to help me paid this money. I’ve worked with many people and they are angry.
“The issue and the erroneous impression that Alfred Woyome will not pay is not true. From the very moment the judgement was given I said I disagree and I served notice from the International Court that we are there. I have been advised, which I believe so, that I must make some efforts,” he added.
According to him, although he has not worked for five years due to the case, “I have accepted to pay because it is lawful to do that. I’m prepared to pay this money but I have five years I’ve not worked”
By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana

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