If you receive this message on Whatsapp, delete it immediately

If you get a message inviting you to change the colours on your WhatsApp, ignore it. Seriously. As much as new colours on your WhatsApp would be great, unfortunately it’s a big scam, and you’re going to have to stick to green. The site uses Cyrillic letters to make it look like whatsapp.com (it’s actually шһатѕарр.com). If you visit the link you get a message saying “New colours for WhatsApp, now you can change your WhatsApp and leave it your favourite colours” stating it’s available for iOS, Windows, Apple, and Blackberry (listing iOS and Apple separately should be your first warning). It then asks you to share the site with 12 of your friends for ‘verification’. Once they’ve ‘verified’ it, they are then told that the feature is only available through desktop and that in order to feature it they need to install an extension called ‘BlackWhats’ from the Chrome Web Store. However, instead of giving you a nice colourful WhatsApp it actually gives you and all your pals malware. The extension has now been removed by Google, but was very convincing, with a 4 star rating from 55 ratings. Source indy100.com]]>

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