If we keep mute, the fools multiply – Stonebwoy pleads end to toxicity on Twitter

If we keep mute, the fools multiply - Stonebwoy pleads end to toxicity on Twitter

Twitter is fast becoming slippery grounds for one’s mental health as ‘agenda boys’ will tear you up at every opportunity. According to Stonebowy, the toxicity is destroying the progress of the Ghanaian industry.

Stonebwoy faced ridicule and backlash after a photo of himself and American rapper Kendrick Lamar taken at his (Kendrick’s) album listening was posted online. Negative comments flooded the timeline labelling Stonebwoy as an opportunistic bootlicker.

In response, Stonebwoy had admonished Ghanaians on Twitter to refrain from this uncouth attitude that pushes good things from thriving in Ghana. He cited the unfortunate incident with Ari Lennox when she was trolled for praising Ghana and sharing affinity with the coastal shores.

“This goes 360, not just me. Agendas are there when the foreigners or foreign media chance on Ghana Twitter, they find some things that are like ahh (nasty). A foreign lady visited Ghana one time and wrote some very positive things about Ghana. This girl wrote something so innocent and felt like, yeah, I want to move to Ghana, I mean something around those ends. Some immediately felt like using Twitter as a toxic platform to get the girl and say How long have you been here to claim the place.

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“And these are Ghanaians. These are the things that I don’t understand. As much as you want to play big man and not mind these thngs, they say if the wise keep mute, the fools multiply. So there’s a high multiplication of the foolish talk,” Stonebwoy told Asaase radio.

Stonebwoy further pointed out that if the motivation was a means to push their favourites up over others, it is a failed strategy.

“These people get on Twitter… two or three followers, with an agenda and negativity. And it is now having an effect on the lot.
We were on invited we hooked up with Kendrick Lamar. There were other people… If you came, you came. If you didn’t, don’t worry. But because your favourite didn’t come, it has to be an agenda to say that the ones who went are ‘follow-follow’… You cannot hate what you want your favourite to become.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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