I won’t tell Ghanaians they have short memories – Nana Addo jabs Mahama

Leader of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has assured Ghanaians that a vote for him will mean electing a president who will treat the citizens with respect.
“I am not coming into office to lord power over the people. Neither, am I coming into office to use disrespectful language on the people. I will not say to Ghanaians that they have short memories. I am also not coming into office to steal the people’s money to fill my pockets. That’s not why I am seeking your mandate.”
Nana Akufo-Addo said this while addressing a gathering of party supporters in Aeiku in the Western Region on Friday.
He said he is coming into office to apply “the little wisdom, knowledge and strength” to improve the living conditions of Ghanaians.
“I am coming into office to use the little wisdom, knowledge and strength the good Lord has given me to help move Ghana forward, so we can create wealth, jobs and prosperity for all Ghanaians.”
He indicated that every patriotic leader has able and competent men and women backing him or her to succeed.
He said his policies are not election promises but solid, well thought-out programmes that will transform the country.
“These are not election policies. I am not one to make promises I know I cannot keep, all in the hope of getting votes. I have too much love and respect for Ghanaians to make promises which I cannot fulfill. We have though through all these policies very well, and we know it can be done.”
He added that: “We in the NPP will not make promises we cannot keep. When we said we were going to implement the NHIS, they (NDC) said it could not be done. However, President Kufuor did it. Likewise, I am telling Ghanaians that Free SHS policy, amongst others, will be truly implemented to the benefit of all.”
By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh|3news.com|Ghana

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