I won’t go back to Parliament again – A.B.A Fuseini


Member of Parliament for Sagnarigu Alhassan Bashir Fuseini popularly known as Alhaji A.B.A Fuseini has said he would not contest in future elections to become a Member of Parliament again after his mandate was not renewed as the Parliamentary Candidate in the recently-held parliamentary primaries of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He said there are many capacities in which he can serve the NDC and an NDC-led government, not necessarily as a lawmaker.

Speaking in an interview with Johnnie Hughes on the Sunrise show on 3FM Monday, May 29, he said “I am a Mulsim, and everything that happens we say it is the will of Allah almighty

“On the day I was born, it was Allah who had set the date for me so I am not somebody who goes into what destiny has decided otherwise there is a big story to tell.

“They say the walking stock is long but you have where you hold it. I can say without a doubt that the good people of Sganarigu celebrate me.”

When asked why he was kicked out if the people actually celebrate him, he answered “I have never been kicked out. They did not endorse me for another term, go and talk to the people on the ground.

“They did not renew my mandate but I am so well appreciated by the good people of Sagnarigu. Even if for nothing they have given me three conductive terms. I can tell you that you don’t realize the importance of your buttocks until there is a boil on it.”

Will you go back to parliament? Johnnie asked.

He answered “No. I believe in myself that it is time to move on. There are many capacities in which I can serve the NDC and I have no doubt in my mind that by the grace of Allah HE Former President Mahama will be declared as President-elect after December 7 2024 elections and will be sworn in on January 7 2025 as the president and I am willing to serve President Mahama in any capacity.”


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