I was raised in an orphanage – Fatima of Date Rush reveals

I was raised in an orphanage – Fatima of Date Rush reveals
Fatima Date Rush

According to Fatima, her early childhood was spent in an orphanage. Although she was not an orphan, she had to go and live in an orphanage. Her parent’s marriage failed, and there was no money to take care of her.

Fatima, the Gyal Dem Boss, told Giovani on Showbiz360 that this experience has shaped who she has become today. Her unpretentious and plainspoken attitude is a result of her humble beginning. Speaking about her roots, Fatima disclosed that she is actually a mutt, with her father being a Northerner and her mother an Akyem. And she grew up in Bregoro.

Fatima also addressed the issue of her refusing sponsorship and freebies from clothing brands and individuals. She insisted that her refusal was just a personal decision to prevent any misunderstanding in the future. She said, “I just want to be me. Someone would help you out, and later when God blesses you. The person can come back and say that Fatima, what I gave you has made you who you are. So I just want to wear what I have. And me repeating clothes means that it is mine.”

She advised people to be humble and hardworking. After Date Rush, Fatima hopes to pursue her music career. She promised to give us a full rundown of their relationship at the reunion. Watch Date Rush every Sunday at 8pm with Giovani Caleb.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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