I was never a suspect in Bettie’s murder – Chris Attoh addresses wife’s death

I was never a suspect in Bettie's murder - Chris Attoh addresses wife’s death
Chris Attoh and Bettie Jennifer

Actor Chris Attoh, upon his return to the Ghanaian industry, clears rumours about his involvement in his wife’s murder. Chris Attoh stated clear and empathically that he wasn’t a suspect when his wife, Bettie Jennifer, was brutally murdered.

The actor pointed out in an interview with ZionFelix that any line of questioning with the police after the incident was purely routine and not based on suspicion. He also mentioned that the infamous tweet that started the rumours was coincidental.

“The tweet was about being honest in relationships. And that’s what I believe in. Call it coincidence or whatever. But I will take the opportunity, and say here that I was never a suspect in Bettie’s murder. I will never be. I loved Bettie very much. And in cases like this, it’s natural for law enforcement to speak to loved ones and close ones, but by all means, should it not be labelled as you being a suspect. If I did anything, then I probably won’t be here. Let me be clear, I’ve never been a suspect in that matter.”

Chris Attoh continued to sing his late wife’s praises. He said, “Bettie was an incredible human being. She was a loving, caring, encouraging woman, and I loved her deeply. And when she passed, it was very very traumatic for me. And it was very hard. And out of respect for loved ones and everything that I went through, I have decided not to share the events of what happened. It is also my way of cherishing the love that we shared and celebrating her. It’s in the past now, and so we are moving on.”

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In response to his silence over the years, Chris Attoh disclosed, “The honest truth is that I’m a very private person. And if I didn’t do what I did, I would probably be the quietest person in a room. Because I like to observe and I have nothing to prove to anybody. I mean, who am I answering to? And I’ve realized through past mistakes of sharing too much that the people who love me get affected.”

Chris Attoh is back in Ghana after dabbling in Hollywood to impact the industry and new crop with his wealth of knowledge.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana


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