I was denied resources to train goalkeepers in Ghana – Richard Kingson


Former goalkeeper Richard Kingson says he was eager to train goalkeepers to improve their ability but was refused basic needs.

The seasoned goalkeeper requested a van to enable him to travel across the country meeting and training goalkeepers from Ghanaian clubs. However, his idea was rejected by the , which was in charge of Ghana at the time.

According to him, goalkeepers would need time to reach their full potential, which is why he chose to start that process now, which would assist the national teams in the future.

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“Goalkeeping is a process. One cannot get all goalkeeping abilities within a short time. We have goalkeepers in the country but I think we lack the patience to allow them to develop through the necessary processes,” he told Angel FM.

“I remember during the era of the Normalization Committee, I had a meeting with Dr Kofi Amoah, three other committee members, and the PFAG where I asked them to help me with a van so I can tour the regions to share ideas with the trainers of the various goalkeepers and have workouts with the goalkeepers.”

“The plan was to visit all the Premier League clubs so that I could share what I learned during my playing days.

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“Goalkeeping is not only about training but your personal life aside football can also distract you. If you don't get the right training, your performance declines, so when they give me the opportunity, I will work and share ideas with these goalkeepers”, he added.

The former goaltender is regarded as one of the best in the country to have ever maned the post for Ghana having competed in both the 2006 and 2010 World Cups.

Kingson made 93 appearances for Ghana as a goalkeeper, scoring once.

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