I was bullied into apologising to Kuami Eugene by Abeiku Santana, it wasn’t from my heart – Photocopy


Young Ghanaian musician, Fotocopy, has alleged that he was bullied into apologizing to Kuami Eugene by popular broadcaster Abeiku Santana.

Fotocopy had earlier stated in an interview that he ‘hated' after the latter refused to collaborate with him, claiming that he didn't have enough fans.

The situation escalated when Kuami Eugene appeared on Okay FM as part of his tour and Fotocopy was brought to the studio to render an apology.

According to the ‘School Dey Bee' singer, he felt coerced and had no choice but to comply with the request.

He made the startling revelations when he was quizzed by Michy on Movement Tv if he felt bullied by Abeiku Santana.

“Yes, it was a fake apology. It was a setup. He[Kuami Eugene] was the one supposed to apologize,” he pointed out

During the show, Fotocopy revealed that he now realizes he doesn't need Kuami Eugene and that the apology was fake.

“I also don't need his feature, as he said he does not feature people like I'm also big,” he retorted

However, a panellist on the show cautioned him against making such definitive statements, pointing out that he doesn't know what the future holds.

Despite the caution, host Michy defended Fotocopy, emphasizing that he is just a child and takes things literally.

His comments on the show have shocked so many online including Osebo The Zaraman who admonished the young star to be humble in his dealings.

“Don't talk like that my son, you definitely need a big star like him ok. Everyone needs someone who can help him to achieve his or her goals 👏,” he posted.
Recall that the Cryptocurrency singer in a subsequent interview condemned Fotocopy's parents for pushing him to make “hateful' utterances against his person for refusing to collaborate with the young lad.
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“I think hate is too much of an intense word for a small boy to understand. To say that I hate someone. He's too young to understand hate but that's parenting. He's not my issue because I think hate is too profound for a little boy like this to say,”
Adding that, “You can tell clearly that in the interview he was having, he was told backstage….and whoever hosted the show, did a very bad job because he was also told backstage that ask him this question and answer it this way, you can clearly, go and listen to this interview.

Despite their public reconciliation on the show, it appears that certain factions are still unhappy with the situation, leading to further outbursts. The controversy has raised concerns about the treatment of young musicians in the industry and the role of parents and broadcasters in shaping their actions and words.

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