I trusted my boys and lost my girl – Uncle Ebo Whyte recounts unusual heartbreak

A lot of Ghanaians suffer from negative self-image – Uncle Ebo Whyte
Uncle Ebo Whyte

Ghanaian playwright, author and motivational speaker Uncle Ebo Whyte narrated the curious circumstances surround his first heartbreak. According to him, trusting the boys around him was his downfall.

Uncle Ebo Whyte shared his journey to heartbreak with Cookie Tee and Bella Mundi on TV3 NewDay. His story speaks of conspiracies and the consequences of rash decisions based on hearsay.

“The original girl I fell in love with, a group of boys who were my mentees, ganged up against the relationship for their friend. And came to tell me some very wicked things about her. Now because these were my boys, I didn’t even consider that they could lie. It turned out that it was a lie. They knew the things to say to get me angry and walk away, which was what I did.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte disclosed that the truth came out years later when they were married to different people. And it also turned out that the guy who caused all the brouhaha lost the girl too.

“About 5 years later, after I had married and the other lady had married. They went to her and confessed. And said, you know something, we did abcd because we wanted you to marry this other guy.

“I think that just knowing that you allowed boys you were leading to do this to you was painful. But the other side of it is that because of the gifts I have, even though I am not a handsome man, I find girls falling in love with me. So I think I have broken more heart.”

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As a marriage counsellor, Uncle Ebo Whyte said that the rate of divorce in the country does not frighten him as much as marriages that are broken but kept to keep up appearances.

“A pastor may have a broken marriage but may find it difficult to file for a divorce due to his position and how people portray him in society,” he added.

By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson|3news.com|Ghana