I started clubbing while in basic school – Sister Derby

‘Ghana Jollof’ singer Deborah Vanessa Bonsu, known in showbiz as Sister Derby, says most of the time, it works better if children are given some kind of freedom. The singer, who was speaking on 3FM’s Showbiz927 show, said her mother gave her freedom but she did not abuse the freedom. “My mum never restricted me in doing anything, so I feel that gave me confidence and high self-esteem.” Some music lovers have come hard at the singer for her way of life with some criticizing her way of dressing, lavish lifestyle, among others. Sister Derby Her critics believe she portrays herself the way she does in order to seek attention from the public. But the singer stated that she has always been hyper since childhood and she just does not do music the way she does to get attention. She says she does music in her own way and style because she understands her music and that is what makes her brand stand out. She also added that when she compares herself to some of her mates back in Senior High School about not jumping walls and sneaking out as a result of strict parenting, she feels she is a bit more confident than they are as a result of the restrictions from their parents. According to Sister Derby, that kind of parenting is not good for children. Parents should give their children the freedom they want and trust that they would not ruin it, she suggested. “You have to let someone know that you trust them and by so doing, they would not put themselves in a position to lose that trust.” Growing up with her Romanian mother, Sister Derby said she had her freedom and made sure not to disappoint the trust her mother had in her. She also disclosed that she never had a curfew, and that she used to go clubbing in her Junior High School days. The singer said she does not drink nor smoke, despite her nightlife. “During BECE week, I was at the Majesty Night Club every night.” Sister Debby also said she believes in freedom, positivity, being true to one’s self and living in your truth. Talking about her love life, the singer said she and Medikal first had an encounter on Twitter and later met at a radio station where they exchanged numbers and started talking about collaborating on songs and subsequently dating.

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