I paid him to impregnate my wife; Now he wants the baby – Confessions with Ms Nancy

I paid him to impregnate my wife; Now he wants the baby - Confessions with Ms Nancy
Worried father

A distressed father is distraught about the possibility that his child will be taken away from him by the biological father. After paying a friend to sleep with his wife and take away his shame, his friend is back, asking for something he cannot let go of – their son!

He tells Ms Nancy how his first ended because he was impotent. Luckily, he has got another shot at having a again but still couldn't get his second wife pregnant, so he came up with a plan.

“To not lose my second wife, I have a friend who wasn't well-to-do. He was actually one of my workers. I spoke to him and said I want him to sleep with my wife and impregnate her.”

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They arranged for it to take place on their anniversary. After getting the wife drunk, he left the room for his friend to have sexual intercourse with his wife.

I promised to take him abroad once my wife is pregnant. I promised him a better life. So i bought him a house in the States and set up a for him. In return, he never has to return to or contact my wife.”

Thankfully his wife got pregnant after the first try, and they have a beautiful son who looks like his wife.

6 years later, the worker/friend is back, saying he wants the child because he can afford to take care of him. How will he explain to his wife what he did to her 6 years ago? Should he turn over his son to someone else? What will happen to his family now?

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