I lost 4 pregnancies in my past marriage – Xandy Kamel

I lost 4 pregnancies in my past marriage - Xandy Kamel
Xandy Kamel and ex-husband Kaninja
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Xandy Kamel has said that she had four miscarriages during her marriage to Kaninja, the sports presenter. She also divulged that out of the four, only one was a natural expulsion.

According to Xandy, she hid these when her marital owes came out to the public.

“When the issue came up, I only gave a tip of the iceberg. I didn’t go into details. One was natural, and even that it was because of some things like emotional torture, depression and others. The others were from abuse. And the abuse wasn’t the beating sort. Emotional, and sometimes he would push me when we have misunderstandings.”

When asked why she chose to speak about her marital woe, Xandy Kamel disclosed that that was what her psychologist recommended.

“When someone is suffering, let the person vent out. When I was seeing a psychologist, she said anytime I want to vent or I feel angry, I should call her and vent on her. And I was doing that. It helped me. So if you have an issue with someone and you feel pent up, talk about it,” she told Zionfelix.

Describing the experience, Xandy revealed, “It pained me because I felt disappointed in myself because God blessed me, and I lost them.”

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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