I intend taking second wife; so ‘3 children per couple’ is a no,no! – Bongo Chief

Vice President of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs has kicked against a controversial population control policy that seeks to limit couples to giving birth to only three children.

Bon Naaba Salifu Atamale Lemyarum, who is also the paramount Chief of Bongo Traditional Area, said the restriction has the potential to create problems for couples.

The National Population Council (NPC) is pushing for the enforcement of the policy that will allow couples to give birth to a maximum of three babies as a resolute measure to control population growth.

Ghana’s annual growth rate currently stands at 2.5% and according to the NPC, poses serious threats to national development, hence the need to reduce the number of children born in the country.

The Council is also proposing severe sanctions are imposed on couples who will exceed the maximum number of three children.

“I think the NPC will create problems for us. We first need to do a very thorough sensitization to get the people to agree or disagree,” Naaba Salifu said Wednesday while commenting on the issue on 3FM’s Sunrise morning show

Arguing out his case he made reference to the northern part of Ghana where he said polygamy is very high for which reason it will be difficult for one to stick to the three children per couple.

“I do not agree with the National Population Council to cap birth to just three children; Polygamy is very high in the North. Assuming one has three wives, how do they cope with having three children,” he questioned.

Naaba Salifu who said he has been an advocate of most government policies suggested the policy on population is not one he would be supporting especially so when he intends to marry another woman.

“I have four girls with one woman and I plan on marrying again. I’ve always been an advocate of the press, and I do agree with most of government policies, but this one I don’t agree” he told host of the show, Winston Amoah.

By Delphina Abbey| 3news.com| Ghana