I have not and will not apologise to Dr. Omane Boamah – Dr. Zuberu

Dr. Omane Boamah[/caption] Dr. Ibrahim Zuberu, a member of the National Democratic Congress election review committee, has refuted claims that he has apologised to Dr. Edward Omane Boamah, former Communications Minister, insisting that will never happen. This is in sharp contrast with a publication by the Ghanaian Lens newspaper on Wednesday 21st June, 2017. “I have not apologized to Dr Omane Boamah and I will not apologize to him, and also, I have not spoken to the Daily Post and the Ghanaian Lens Newpaper, so I don’t know what they are talking about,” he fumed on Onua FM morning show on Thursday. Dr. Ibrahim Zuberu, one of the 13-member committee let by Prof. Botchwey, on the Tuesday’s edition of Onua Fm morning show “Yen Nsem Pa” disclosed that during the committee’s work in some regions, majority of the party supporters categorically mentioned personalities like Dr. Omane Boamah and Seth Terkper, former Finance Minister as persons whose actions and inaction sent the party into opposition. Following Dr Zuberu’s interview on Onua FM, Dr. Omane Boamah issued a rejoinder, describing Dr. Zuberu’s statement as a “scurrilous insinuation” and went on to say it was untrue that he refused to release information. The Ghanaian Lens newspaper subsequently published that Dr Zuberu had called the former communication minister to apologize. However, responding to the said publication on Onua FM’s morning show on Thursday, Dr. Ibrahim Zuberu stated that he has never spoken to any newspaper, adding that he was only called by one of his superior (whose name he did not disclose) to slow down on the issue, adding that while he was still talking with the superior person, he was informed that Dr. Omane Boamah was around he spoke with Dr Omane Boamah through his superior’s phone. He said he told the former minister on the phone that he (Dr Zuberu) just relayed the sentiments expressed by the party supporters in the said interview with Onua FM. He noted that there was nowhere during the said conversation with Dr Omane Boamah that he apologized to him. “I don’t ever regret what I said, because it is something that the grassroots has told me” he said, “to set the record straight, I have nothing against him (Dr. Omane Boamah) and if he feels there is a problem, then he should check himself”. He opined, “I Have not insulted him or defamed him in anywhere, and so I’m not perturbed by the lawsuit threat”.

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DON’T  APOLOGIZE Meanwhile, Greater Accra Regional Organizer of the NDC, Anthony Nukpenu has jumped to the defense of Dr. Ibrahim Zuberu, asking the latter not to apologize to Dr. Omane Boamah. “I don’t think Dr Omane Boamah or any member of the party whose name has been mentioned that it was his action or inaction that caused our defeat should be demanding an apology. There were a lot of people whose names were being mentioned in the media and there were a lot of people I (Anthony) have heard mentioned him (Dr Omane Boamah) as being the cause of our defeat, so why ask for an apology, for what?” the Greater Accra organizer of the NDC queried. “I don’t think Dr Zuberu said anything wrong and different from what we hear everyday,” he stressed. When Bright Kwesi Asempa, host of the show, sought to find out from him if he had ever experienced what people are saying about Dr Omane Boamah, this ensued: Asempa: Have you ever personally sought any information from Dr Omane Boamah? Anthony: Yes, I have Asempa: then what happened? Anthony: he told me to drop my email address, I did but the information never came and I can’t say it was deliberate on his part. That is why I am saying there are many people who have said same thing about him and others in the party, so why, should everyone start demanding an apology? I don’t think so. By Bright Dzakah/Onua 95.1fm/3news.com]]>