I feel genuinely blessed that young men and women would want to imitate me – Nana Ama McBrown


Nana Ama Mcbrown, the newest member of the Media General family has opened up about her philanthropic duties and her life of impact with the world.

Speaking to Johnnie Hughes, Helen Appiah Ampofo and William Asiedu on #3FMSunrise, the iconic actress and presenter said she feels genuinely blessed that young men and women would want to imitate her. However, she made it quite clear that she was very cautious of the people she allowed into her space.

Nana Ama Mcbrown is the empress of style at her Media General outdooring
Nana Ama Mcbrown in a blue kente dress

“First of all I have to protect myself first so I ask them who are you? If you say you are in JHS 2, I advise them to finish JHS 3 and if the grades are good, we continue but if you score grade 45, I would rather advise you to do something in the technical or vocational sector,” she said

Mcbrown revealed that she currently has a number of young people in different sectors including furniture making, welding and auto mechanics who are trying to make a living.

“It depends on how you manage it. You can be the best in Africa,” she added.

Known as the posterchild of brands in Ghana, the highly successful actresses pointed out that despite her inability to attain a higher educational certificate, she’s successfully built herself firmly from the ground up. However, she wished she had immersed herself in a vocation or learnt a trade earlier.

“I did not go to school. I finished JHS and I went to a College of Business studies in Kwadaso because when you are home, everyone will ask why you are just home but If I knew, I should have learnt fashion or hair styling,”  she said.

Adding that her standard process of helping young people is based on their potential and accessing the situation on the ground.

“Mostly, when they approach me I just want to know their position. If you come to me with 12 and I can support your family to move you ahead, then we do that but if it’s for a long term then we devise other alternatives because I have to help others,” she added.

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The Award-winning actress with over 25 years acting and TV experience under her belt received a rapturous welcome by the CEO and staff of Media General on Monday, March 13 as she joined Onua TV under the 3 group.



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