“I ended up in a shark” in the Bahamas – Greenstreet shares ordeal

Mr Greenstreet [middle] surrounded by sharks during scuba diving in the Bahamas
After his below par performance at the 2016 general elections, Ivor Kobina Greenstreet of the Convention People’s Party appears to have found a new love in sports – scuba diving.

The almond fruit lover came close to nature in far away Bahamas in the midst of untamed sharks ready to devour any prey at the least provocation.

Scuba diving may be Ivor’s favourite sports if he is unperturbed about the scare he received from the hungry sharks in the belly of the ocean.

The former member of the Ghana National Rifle Association and the 2015 para grand prix competitor is not letting go his love for dangerous sports.

While assisting a friend in elections in the Bahamas, Mr Greenstreet took a chance at scuba diving in the part of the ocean only the brave will dare.

In a post, the former presidential candidate wrote, he had a blast; a clear indication he loved the sport.Ivor’s diving did not come without some scary moments though.

He posted: “I ended up in a shark frenzy! Jesus they had to feed the sharks dead fish to divert attention and get me out. Scuba diving is very great and I made it out to tell the story to you”

Mr Greenstreet clearly came close to being eaten not by babies with sharp teeth but rather fishes with sharp teeth.

The Bahamas may provide an opportune tourist site for diving to earn some money but certainly Ghana is blessed with a large ocean that can support scuba diving.

But will Ivor Greenstreet and many scuba divers be able to dive in Ghanaian waters?

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By Thomas Adotei Pappoe|TV3|3ews.com|Ghana