I don’t know whether elections are coming up – Kurt Okraku

GFA President Kurt Okraku

Ghana Football Association (GFA) president Kurt Okraku has stated that he is unsure about the possibility of elections taking place this year and has not yet begun contemplating it.

Okraku, who was elected as president in 2019, is set to conclude his tenure in October of this year. While the GFA is expected to hold elections, Okraku is not thinking about it.

The former MTN FA Cup chairman expressed his current focus and mentioned his responsiveness to public sentiment in an interview with SuperSport.

He said, “First of all, I don’t know whether elections are coming up. I have not started to think about elections yet, but I react to the mood of the people. What I will do is react exactly to what the people want.

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“I remember three and a half four years ago I was asked the same question about whether Kurt Okraku would contest the elections, and my answer has always been that when the time comes, football will speak and football will speak.”

Okraku won a close presidential election in 2019 and has the support of some football people to run for a second term, but he will face stiff competition once again.



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