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I don't blame Supreme Court, it was misled – Woyome claims

woyome_press2Businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome says the Supreme Court was misled to declare as unconstitutional, the controversial GHC51 million paid to him as judgement debt, which has become a subject of litigation in the last five years.
Addressing news conference in Accra Friday following the grant of an application for former Attorney General, Martin Amidu, to orally examine Mr Woyome on the amount, he said the court erred in its decision on the matter.
“The justices of the Supreme Court, I give my respect to them but the issue is that if they’ve erred, they’ve erred”, he stated, but said he will not blame the court entirely because it was misled in arriving at such decision.
“…they have erred because they’ve been misled, and I will insist and press on it until justice is done, because this judgement will be used on anybody because it is a precedent and it must not happen,” he said, adding “I have issues with those judgements”.
Mr Alfred Woyome was paid GHC51 million in judgement debt on his claims that he helped in sourcing funds for the construction of stadia for the CAN 2008 Nations Cup; a payment the Supreme Court has since 2014 ruled as unconstitutional on the basis that he had no binding contract with Ghana.
The court consequently ordered the State to retrieve the said amount but the businessman has since paid GHC 4million, which Mr Amidu who secured the retrieval order, has since doubted.
But Mr Woyome believes he is being persecuted by the Supreme Court and some Ghanaians, noting he will not be shaken but will fight on until the Court reverses its decision which he said has affected his businesses and family.
“I have not lost faith in my country, I will never lose faith in my country. I have made sure that I’m a law abiding citizen. I have never accused the judiciary but when I feel that I’m being persecuted; now I’m very convinced about that , I will mention it,” he said.
By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana

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