I can never sex my wife again; She said I want to kill her – Brother Sammy

It's better to have children than to marry - Brother Sammy
Brother Sammy and Wife

Ghanaian gospel musician, Brother Sammy, has revealed a thought-provoking turn of events in his marriage. Brother Sammy swore to sexually starve his wife because she falsely accused him of using black magic to make her unwell.

All eyes on United Showbiz were glued to Brother Sammy as he recounted his marital ordeal. According to him, his wife suffered an ectopic pregnancy during her visit to Ghana. He said the situation demanded an operation to save her life which he consented to.

“Anytime I talk about marriage, I praise my wife. I don’t want to reveal some secrets. But as I sit here, I don’t think I can sex my wife ever again. Never! My wife is a good woman, but I cannot bring my manhood to have sex with her.

“The reason is, my wife came from abroad. When she came, she got pregnant. So I was out of the house when my charge said she screamed. So they drove her to the hospital. The doctor said that if they had delayed, she would have died because the foetus did not drop into the womb. It was still lodged inside the fallopian tube. So it’s ectopic. So he had to cut it out. So I consented to the operation if that would make her better.”

Explaining further, Brother Sammy disclosed that his wife started accusing him of being an occult member. And trying to sacrifice her for his gain. He poi ted out that these accusations stemmed from lies peddled by his charge to his wife.

“I have about 5 people under my charge. And they all serve her very well. When she came home, I asked for permission to perform at a show in Accra. And she granted it. So I left. When I got to the program, I called her to check on her and how they are managing at home. She started accusing me, ‘Why did you do that? You tried using me in the occult. You are sacrificing me for blood money.’ Apparently, one of the boys, whom I’ve given a place to sleep and something to eat, told my wife that I brought another woman home whilst she was in the hospital. Meanwhile, this person saying these things was sleeping in the hospital with my wife. He wasn’t even home with me.”

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For Brother Sammy, having sex with his wife might result in n another ectopic pregnancy. And to avoid endangering
her life, he cannot bring himself to consummate his marriage.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana