I apologized to Counselor Lutterodt after Yvonne Nelson attacks – Peter Richie

Actor Peter Ritchie

Ghanaian actor Peter Richie has admitted to apologizing to maverick counselor and pastor George Lutterodt, popularly known as Counselor Lutterodt, following his apology to actress Yvonne Nelson.

Peter Richie strongly came to the defense of Yvonne Nelson some months ago when the controversial counselor referred to her as ‘shameful Ashawo’ for giving birth out of wedlock.

Following revelations that the counselor has apologized to Yvonne Nelson for his unwarranted comments, the actor last Friday on After Hours with Mikki Osei Berko on TV3 also disclosed that he has since apologized to the counselor.

He stated: “I met him at John Dumelo’s wedding after which he apologized to Yvonne Nelson. So I also deemed it right to apologise to him.”

Peter also added that he is no fan of the counselor, poking his nose into the affairs of others.

“Personally one would ask, Yvonne is no sister or no family person, it’s an industry thing. I have heard him say lots about people here and there. The point is this is someone’s daughter. Whether she gives birth out of wedlock, she doesn’t come to you to ask for money to take care of this child… With all sincerity I apologized to him.”

Check out the full interview below:


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