I am willing to manage Asomdwe Park if…- Koku Anyidoho


Dr. Anyidoho – 3News - First In News | Ghana News Updates The Deputy General Secretary of the , Koku Ayindoho has described as “unfortunate” the state of the Asomdwe Park which is the final resting place of the late former president, Professor John Evans Atta Mills. Speaking on 's Sunrise on Monday July 23, he said that if the state is unable to manage the Asodwe Park and ensure that it is in good shape, he, together with some and friends of the late former president will take over management of the park. “I am willing to manage the Asodwe Park if it is given to me by the government. If the state has diverted its interest, then we will take it on, and we will know that it's our responsibility, but when the state has the responsibility, then I think we should allow the state to carry out its responsibility.” According to Koku Anyidoho, the state of the Asomdwe Park is not befitting of President Mills, hence government ought to put in measures to make the place look suitable. He further stated that the Asomdwe Park is a state monument, but the state has failed to maintain the place. “It is a sad moment for me that this is what our eyes are beholding a day before the 6th year anniversary of the demise of such a great leader. “It is amazing that one of the late Professor Mills saying was that ‘a nation that does not honor its heroes is a nation not worth dying for',” Mr. Anyidoho added. The former Ghanaian leader was buried at the Asomdwe Park six years ago but the place has not received the needed attention for the past few years. The NDC deputy General Secretary who served as the Spokesperson for Prof. Mills charged government to take the necessary steps in ensuring that the place is well kept. “We need to up the stakes on some of these matters, because we live in a technological world where anybody in any part of the world can see this,and it won't be a source of pride for the nation.” By Helena Charway| 3news|