I am the first artiste to ever come into the mainstream industry without a record label – Gasmilla


Ghanaian musician Gasmilla has asserted his unique status in the music industry, proudly declaring that he is the trailblazer who ventured into the mainstream music scene without the backing of a record label.

His statement came during an appearance on the popular television show, Onua Showtime with host McBrown, where he participated in a discussion centered around the topic of musicians balancing their music careers with other sources of income.

Gasmilla, known for his hit track “Telemo,” confidently stated, “I am the first artist to ever come into the mainstream industry without a record label.”

He highlighted his journey as an independent artist who successfully navigated the music industry without the traditional support and resources that record labels typically provide to budding musicians.

The conversation on the show delved into the approach adopted by many artists who engage in side jobs alongside their music careers to sustain their livelihoods. Gasmilla based his claim to fame as a solo artist without the backing of a record label on the fact that he studied accounting in school which enabled him to manage his finances.

This revelation by Gasmilla sheds light on the evolving landscape of the music industry, where independent artists are increasingly empowered to forge their own paths to success, utilizing their talent and resourcefulness to reach the mainstream audience.

By Malise Kofi Omoloye|3news.com|Ghana


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