I am the doer – Nduom declares

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Founder of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom says the difference between him and the 2016 presidential candidates is the fact that what they are promising have been already done by him.
“There is candidate ‘I will do’ and there is candidate ‘I have done’. That is the difference.”
Dr Nduom was speaking on Saturday, July 16 at the International Trade Fair Center, where party delegates congregated to acclaim him their candidate for the upcoming polls.
This year’s elections will, therefore, be the third Dr Nduom will be contesting as a presidential candidate, having begun his presidential ambition in 2008 as presidential candidate for the Convention People’s Party (CPP).
At Saturday’s National Convention of the PPP, Dr Nduom chided the other candidates for talking without acting over the crippling economy.
His mantra at the venue was ‘Jobs, jobs, jobs’.
“The doer is in this room,” he declared.
“Some people know how to talk. Other people know how to act, so we want Ghanaians to know, no offence, no insult, no wahala. We are making our case.”
Dr Nduom said if Ghanaians agree that the economy has gone bad, then he is the best person needed to repair it.

PPP Convention
There were goodwill messages from the party’s branches and other political parties
The Convention attracted hundreds of party supporters to the venue.
There were goodwill messages from PPP branches from across the country.
Addressing the teeming supporters, the President of Groupe Nduom said all the presidential candidates have unique qualities which they bring to the table.
Nonetheless, those qualities are not what the country requires at this dire moment.
He recounted how Ghana needed as its leader in the pre-colonial era a liberator and how that leader fulfilled the aspirations of all Ghanaians.
Currently, Ghana needs an economic liberator, he insinuates.
“I am not coming to stand here and say to you ‘I will create 1 million jobs’. I am not here to tell you ‘I will create 1 factory in each district’.
“I have already done it.”
He said each district in Ghana has a Groupe Nduom firm, emphasising how he is called ‘Tumlana’ in Tamale.
“We have jobs in every district.”
He called on Ghanaians to vote for him as “hope is coming. Prosperity is coming. We are going to make this nation great and strong”.
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