I am the best rapper; Nobody can tell me otherwise – Ypee takes a swipe at critics

I am the best rapper; Nobody can tell me otherwise – Ypee
Kumerican rap artist, Ypee has declared himself as the best rapper. He believes that hard work has earned him the title as the best rapper in Ghana.

Ypee made this statement on TV3 New Day morning show with MzGee during a discussion about his progress in the music industry. The artist responded to MzGee’s question on accolades from fans pitching him as the best rapper in Ghana. The reply obviously reaffirmed his recent brags on social media and claims of being the best rapper. He said, “Oh yeah, I am the best rapper in Ghana. I am the best rapper in Accra, Tamale, Wa and Tema included.”

The response prompted a question from MzGee, reminding the artiste of prominent rappers like Sarkodie, Omar Sterling and Medikal, who have created niches in the industry. Indeed he responded with assurance which contested who crowned him and how he claims to be the best rapper without any validation of any award nor nomination.


He responded, “All the rappers know that Ypee is the best rapper, and my fans gave me the title. I don’t need a plaque to prove it. Listen to the verses in my song. I don’t need to tell them I am the best rapper to get a visa. They already know. Everyone knows that I am the best rapper.”

But MzGee pointed out that if he claims he is the best, then nobody will challenge him. He replied that it is normal because even Jay Z and Lil Wayne have people attacking them. People can say Sarkodie is not good at rap and is normal. But for him, Ypee is the best rapper in Ghana.

Andy Agyemang, but known in Showbiz as Ypee, said his quest for making more money and living a better life hindered his chance of becoming a graduate in tertiary. However, he believes it was a better choice, and he has made his parents proud.


He added, “I got admitted to Legon, but I stopped after a month because I wanted money. And also, the time was not favourable, and I also wanted to do music. Like I really wanted to do music. It is really difficult to combine both music and school and so I just had to stop. And even though my parents were disappointed, I am glad that I have made them proud.”
The artist has released his new single featuring the ‘Ekorso ‘ hitmaker Kofi Jamar titled ‘Ten Toes’. The title ‘Ten toes’ signifies his commitment to making commercial music full-time.

“You know ten toes means committed to something, and I am committed to rap music. When it comes to music, I am ten toes down. I am all into it.”

By Aaliyah Duvi-Rony|3news.com|Ghana