I am not a music thief – Kweku Darlington

I am not a music thief - Kweku Darlington
Kweku Darlington

Ghanaian rapper and songwriter Kweku Darlington has clarified that he is the original creator of ‘Sika Kankan’.

The recent release of Kweku Darlington’s new song led to an accusation that he had stolen it from a former friend and upcoming musician named Ikon.

Speaking with Chrystal on Showbiz 360, Kweku Darlington denied any relation or encounter with Ikon, the accuser.
Kweku Darlington disclosed that he has decided to ignore the negative commentary and focus his time on promoting his new release. He further states that the style of the music is similar to his previous song releases, and it is evident that this is his artistic signature.

“I am not paying attention to it. I am just doing my job. Right now, what is most important to me is that I have dropped Sika k]Kankan, and I am promoting it.”

He says he understands upcoming artists using this strategy to attain attention and relevance. He refuses to give this to the accusor and decides to focus on what matters to him.

Kweku Darlington also explained the meaning of his new song and told his fans to anticipate new music in December.

“Whenever a young boy or girl is trying to make it, they should not affiliate the funding they gather to a negative source.”

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