‘Hypocrite’- Lydia Forson slammed for failing to put Shatta Wale in check over rape confession

Everyday Mahama…but Mahama is not in power; Aren’t you giving him free PR? – Lydia Forson to NPP
Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson has been slammed for having double standards for failing to put Shatta Wale in check over rape comments on Twitter.

This emanated during the ongoing feud between the dancehall artiste and Nigeria’s Burna Boy when he (Shatta Wale) admitted a rape act in his tweet.

Shatta tweeted and accused the Nigerian act of rape, stating, “Because he is a rapist. He is jealous I did the same to his girl cuz that’s his job. Raping jealousy.”

Social media users did not take his tweet likely as they came at him for laughing when confessing to being a rapist.
Others called on the Inspector General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare, to take the dancehall act on for such condemning utterance. Since rape has been one of the issues being tackled in the country.

Actress Lydia Forson, on the other hand, was accused of failing to put Shatta Wale in check over the rape comment for her advocacy role for rape victims and against rape culture.

Lydia, over the years, has reiterated that rapists should not be made to justify their actions, adding that she will block any of such individuals.

“Rape apologists. Rape Jokes. BLOCK. You don’t even get to defend yourself. Block Block Block.” She said in a tweet in 2018.

However, Tweeps were surprised when the same Lydia revealed details of her conversation with Shatta Wale concerning his rape tweet.

She said: “I just got off the phone with @shattawalegh- We spoke at length about his tweets, especially on rape. It’s been a long conversation. Whiles, we’re not entirely on the same page (hopefully, we will be eventually). It was important to me that I spoke to him about this; he listened.”

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She continued, “I was very deliberate about my tweet because and didn’t want to say too much because I understand how easily people run with things here. The rape tweets from both sides triggered me (I’ve stated as much). It wasn’t enough to just tweet it-I needed a conversation.”

“Last on this-those tweets were problematic, triggering, to say the least. I tweeted as much. (for those who care to go through) But if you have access to anyone, you believe has disturbing views, you go beyond registering your displeasure online-you say it to them too!”

Questioning Lydia, a social media user @the_prynx displayed Lydia’s tweet in 2018 and said: “2022, what changed?
@dopemengh1 said: “This move… Might come back to hunt you. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have tweeted you spoke to him. The issue should have stayed between the two of you.”

@Mister_Glen also tweeted: “You spoke to him, so what? He should be forgiven? I don’t get the import of this tweet. You should probably be directing the Police to him for questioning. Or the lady involved doesn’t need some saving because you know Wale? And so talking to him is enough to let the issue slide?”

By Benedicta Naa Lamiorkor Lawson|3news.com|Ghana