Hundreds trapped, 1 dead after heavy rainfall in Asokore-Mampong, A/R

Hundreds of Sawaba residents in the Asokore-Mampong Municipal Assembly have been trapped in their homes as a result of flooding from heavy rainfall Sunday.

Last night’s heavy downpour has submerged about 50 houses in the area, making it difficult for the affected residents to move from their homes.

The roads in the area have also not been spared by the flood.

Users have to wait hours for the water to recede before being able to access the road Monday morning.

Residents say this is the fifth time within a month that they are experiencing this extent of flooding.

Most of the houses appear to have been built on waterways, thereby, leading to flooding anytime it rains heavily.

The Asokore-Mampong Municipal Assembly, sometime back, issued a demolition notice to those who have built on the waterways to ensure free flow of water and prevent perennial flooding.

But an action to enforce the notice is yet to be taken.

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Several property have been destroyed as a result of the flood.

By Ibrahim Abubakar|TV3, Ashanti Region|Ghana



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