How to live a happy and fulfilled life

Over the years I have travelled the world in search of a happy and fulfilling life, and again and again it eludes me. Today, I sit back to meditate, and I realised that I changed nothing to get to my goal. My thoughts, habits, attitudes and actions have only reinforced one thing; my years are destined to look like the previous ones. So I ask myself, what can I do differently? What can I do to live a happy and fulfilling life? What is my truth and my happiness? Perhaps, you face the same situation. This is not the end yet. I have learnt within this period, some great tools which I am going to share with you. Here goes… 1)     First, you need to keep a positive outlook towards life. Some days will be much easier than others, but it is never going to stay the same. Why not look at the brighter side of life and laugh off your worries? Focusing on the positives makes all the difference. 2)     Step out of your comfort zone. You may have heard this over and over again; we all get too comfortable sometimes. In order to grow into the person you’re meant to be and be happy, you need to push your limits and try new things. This will take away the boredom in doing things the same way and will provide some sense of accomplishment to you. 3)     Another important lesson I’ve learned, is to treasure each moment. Life is incredibly beautiful when you live the moment. See the beauty in life. Be thankful. Every day you live is a blessing, don’t take it for granted. Being thankful puts things into perspective and opens up opportunities you will otherwise not see. When you begin to see the world differently, you appreciate things more. 4)     Celebrate your uniqueness. You are unique, believe in yourself. Dedicate your life to improve yourself. If you focus on continuously growing as a person, you will gain new knowledge and skills that will help you achieve your goals and objectives. 5)     Build supportive relationships. You grow like the company you keep. Spend time with people who support your personal growth. Pursue supportive relationships that are aimed at achieving mutual benefits. The right attitude, together with the right relationships is the bearing of happiness. 6)     Be more decisive. Be clear in your mind on what you are trying to achieve. This will help you in your pursuit of happiness. 7)     Set your own standards and live by them. You should have clear convictions and values in which you wish to live and work. Pursue them with discipline and you will be much happier in life. 8)     Let your life positively contribute to the lives of others. Helping others to create better outcomes in their life will make you fulfilled. 9)     Do the things you love most. The things that make you happiest will be the foundation of your happiness. 10)  Find time for solitude. The hectic pace of life can make it hard to find a moment of peace. Make time for yourself because your happiness ultimately rests on you.

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