How to evolve in your field of expertise

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The best multi-national entities, students, professionals, governments, businesses, marketing modules, leadership strategies and scientific research findings with ground breaking inventions are all products of invaluable technical ‘information’ that is not common to the masses. These valuable ‘information’ wielded by most multi-national entities have been developed into principles, guidelines, structures, systems and templates that control almost everything existent in the present world.

“The best civilizations with enviable (super) power and control are all having one important tool or weapon; it is called ‘information.” – An extrapolation from one of Prophet Prince Manasseh Atsu’s teachings on Leadership and Management.

Numerous manufacturers(Super Brands) of the best products, inventions or consumables have special and protected information that have sustained them to keep their brands selling and running for decades. Fact is, this ‘protected information’ distinguishes their business from all others. For instance, Pepsi and Coca Cola are produced from the same raw material(Cola nut) but one has been excelling better than the other for decades in the same market space. They don’t even have the same tastes even though they are almost 99 percent similar.

How do you do that in your present work environment or business?

Learn to have a positive mind-set with a result-oriented attitude(be a problem solver and manager). Take advantage of every confronting challenge to learn new ways of solving problems or managing situations. Have an enquiring spirit; ask questions from your leaders, seniors, and experts(especially those doing better than you with specialist information and experience). Write down notes and apply them as a guide where necessary.

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Decide to evolve in your profession(or space) by always gathering the ‘best information’ to set and achieve goals. Employ the best strategies and tools to execute tasks. Measure your progress and administrative contribution. Don’t be left behind in the modern and new ways of doing things to achieving progress. Always be prepared for the next big challenge or opportunity.

One could step into the next level of productivity, leadership or management with upgraded skills and knowledge that adds value, brings advancement or increases revenue. The level or position you start with is not as important as the deliberate decisions and efforts made for building capacity.

Harness the required skills[or abilities] to step in-line to take up responsibilities when the ones appointed to do so are occupied or not available at any given point in time. This is how you couch a ‘utility persona niche’ with a specialist expertise. The top positions outlined in any leadership hierarchy are considered to be for highly skilled individuals with invaluable experience, expertise and character strength. Think like a ‘Joshua’ stepping into the shoes of a ‘Moses’.

Upgrading one’s knowledge periodically advances their skill set overtime making them more resolute in solving problems. You become that individual whose relevance never fades, even in an inactive state of service, your brains, expertise, experience and counsel would be solving problems. Strong and resolute characters are built overtime with focus, diligence, sacrifice and discipline.

All of the world’s greatest people had this one quality called ‘Character Strength’. They built that over a period of time despite their skills, talents or gifts. They disciplined themselves to achieve something by denying themselves what everyone else enjoyed and opted for. They actually looked outside the window of uniformity and conformity. They had a courageous heart with a winning mind-set to think outside the box to create and give their best. The trajectories of Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Commander Neil Armstrong, Martin Cooper, James Patterson and Cristiano Ronaldo should ring a bell.

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Never use your present predicament, challenge or plight as an excuse for not measuring up, influencing or touching lives. Putting into perspective one of Bible’s great Apostles called Paul. He was bound in jail but he was writing letters to preach true freedom to men who had liberty(freely walking). Paul had an ‘information’. You can call it a ‘revelation’ that many didn’t know, understand or had a grip on. It made him a free man even in jail. He wrote more books in the new testament as compared to the Apostles that walked with Christ Jesus. There’s no excuse for failure.

Don’t get bound in that office, position or level. Don’t just be a nominal member or contributor in any field, be an exceptional influencer and achiever! You can choose to blend in with the crowd or stand out with the ‘greats’ no matter where you find yourself.

By: Listowell Acquaye | @Chosenyesuba

The writer of this article is a Media Practitioner and Gospel Minister