Honey is not a substitute for white sugar for diabetics – Dr Nii Amartey

Honey is not a substitute for white sugar for diabetics - Dr Nii Amartey
Honey and sugar

Licensed dietician and food consultant Nii Amatey has preached against diabetic patients taking large amounts of honey as a ‘healthy’ substitute for white sugar. According to him, this is a no, no for diabetic patients.

“Honey is known to be one of the healthiest sweeteners, and it is mostly advisable to choose it over the white or table sugar. It has been linked to health benefits like improved heart health, wound healing and blood antioxidant status. However, consuming too much may cause adverse effects due to its high sugar and calories content. This makes it not advisable for a diabetes patient.”

He went ahead to educate that honey can affect the blood sugar of a diabetes patient. Therefore it is advisable to avoid it, including white or table sugar, until your diabetes is under control.

“The sugar in fruit is sweet naturally, but you can’t compare it to sugar in drinks, they are synthetic, and it will increase your blood sugar. Honey can equally affect blood sugar because it contains calories. ”

“Honey is not a substitute for white sugar. No! It still has sugar. So, if you want sugar, we have diabetic sweetener, and that is the sweetness we buy. Those ones have zero calories, and they just sweeten your meal. But if you can’t avoid sugar, honey is better,” he added.

He concluded that honey can be substituted with sugar for non-diabetic patients because it has added vitamins.

By Lordina Bessie Nayeram|3news.com|Ghana

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