Holy Child College of Education staff secure injucntion against new Principal

The Academic Staff of the Holy Child College of Education in Takoradi in the Western Region has injuncted the Governing Council from placing, installing and handing over of one Victoria Ghanney as the Principal of the College.

An interlocutory injunction order secured from the Sekondi High Court further restrains one Victoria Ghanney from holding herself out or in any manner acting as the Principal of the College.

“…for an order for interlocutory Injunction against the 1st Defendant/Respondent restraining her and its agents, etc from placing/installing/handing over to the 2nd Defendant as the Principal of the Holy Child College of Education and a further order restraining the 2nd Defendant from carrying herself or in a manner acting as the Principal of Holy Child College of Education…”.

The Academic Staff secured the interlocutory Injunction on Tuesday, March 13 through its lawyers at Kings Law Firm, (BADUBA CHAMBERS) Takoradi.

In an interview with Connect FM, Secretary to the Convocation Lawrence Ewusi-Mensah insisted that they were compelled to resort to the law court because it appears to them that the Governing Council is not ready to address their “legitimate concerns”.

“…this week the Vice Chancellor dispatched a team to meet us. In the meeting, the two-member delegation promised that the Governing Council will be spoken to. Unfortunately, this same week we observed that the appointee has moved into her official residence. We also saw that a Roman Father has performed some prayers at her residency. We were shocked because we were expecting that the issue is resolved first before anything. So, we went to court to secure the injunction to prevent the Council from performing the official handing over ceremony today.”

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Mr. Ewusi-Mensah explained that they are ready to withdraw the case once the Governing Council shows good faith to address their concern.

“It is not in our nature to litigate. And as you can see, academic work is going on smoothly. This morning you and your team had to wait for me because I was in class for an online lecture and so are all the 32 other petitioners, lecturing. We are ready for an out-of-court settlement once the Council shows good faith.”

He insisted that their concerns are legitimate and will continue to press on until an amicable solution is found.

“In the College of Education Act 2012, Act 847, it is stated clearly that if you do not possess an MPhil, you do not qualify to teach at any College of Education. So how come, it is the case that someone with a non-research masters will be made, not to even teach which in itself will be illegal by the way [but] to occupy the highest position that is the Principal of this enviable College of Education”.

The Academic Staff of the Holy Child College of Education at a press conference last week mentioned they are not prepared to assist and work with the newly appointed Principal for the College, Mrs. Victoria Ghanney, because she does not possess the relevant qualifications, the managerial competencies and skills as stipulated in the College of Education Act 2012, Act 847 that will permit her to head the College.

By Eric Yaw Adjei|3news.com|Ghana